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The rejections that I live for!

2009-04-27 23:55:22 by Mutteo

I got another rejection letter for an audition I did for somebody else's project. By now, I am so used to getting these letters. It doesn't matter if I'm Voice acting, or going to a musical, or submitting artwork or a story, 9/10 I will be rejected. I suppose I always seem be second rate when it comes to my work.

Let's face it, I'm not super fabulous, I'm just your average Joe trying to make a difference. But I don't usually get a chance too. While I'm not a great VA, I still try to make it to flashes in hopes I'll be "Toad #2" or "Guy who cleans toilets" Part of the reason I do my own cartoons is that I can cast myself and get major screentime (HAHA! You have to watch me whether you like it or not!)

Let me get a word out to all of you VAs out there that didn't make the audition, whether if it was one of mine or somebody elses. You are special, and you have great talent. Just keep working hard and never give up your dreams. Someday you will be noticed for the great person that you are.

Now anyway, I finished casting roles for my characters, I've got some great talent this time around, so I hope for some magic this time for sure! =]

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The rejections that I live for!


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2009-04-28 00:33:53

Well, I'm always looking for actors for different projects and sometimes people surprise me with their interpretation for something, so I end up going with them instead.

I'll keep you in mind for the next time I need an actor for a project, which might be kind of soon.

Mutteo responds:

Ohhh! Groovy! Do please let me know! I'll try anything! =]


2009-04-29 00:54:08

Dude your one of the best unknown flash creators, Never Give up, I see you as one of the best on Newgrounds!

Mutteo responds:

That's one of the nicest things anybody has ever said to me! Thank you! =]


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