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Rosario+Vampire TAS on youtube!

2009-06-08 22:37:10 by Mutteo

Hello everyone. Even though not many people are familiar with my work, I wanted to tell everyone of a recent dub I am participating in on YouTube, called Rosario+Vampire. It's a harem anime with a bunch of girls after one guy. I play as that very guy, Tsukune Aono. It's very exciting to play a main role in something besides my cartoon series.

Master 10K it's the main creator and editor of the series, and it is very impressive work. If you don't believe me, then just check out the enclosed video and then check out his channel

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Now as for my projects. I'm still working on 42 Boxes and Future episodes of Mutteo in NES Land, which should be done by the fall....I hope. Anyway keep watching and stay patient.

Rosario+Vampire TAS on youtube!


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2009-06-08 22:43:48

I don't really get it...seems a little random and nutty like Fooly Cooly, but it seems like it's missing background noises and things. The voice work doesn't seem to fit well with the production value. I don't mean the voices are bad, I mean they're too...obviously overdubs...

With a few fixes, this would be perfect

(Updated ) Mutteo responds:

Much like my cartoon series, Rosario+Vampire isn't really supposed to make too much sense, since it originally focuses on fanservice and random gags. I've seen the anime series, and well it doesn't have a solid story, just random plots. For someone who isn't into stuff like Fooly Cooly, or Bobobo bobo bobo, I don't think this is your taste of anime.

I felt the editing was the best I've seen, so I can't really agree with you on all of it, though I do feel that the voices aren't exactly right. I'm an amateur voice actor, so at times I don't see Tsukune but rather me instead. Both me and Master 10K are working on the series, so I think next episode will be better, but if you're looking for an actual plot, I wouldn't get involved with this show, it's mostly for laughs.


2009-06-08 23:19:37

This is full of win.


2009-06-09 00:15:49

u lucky bastard

Mutteo responds:

Yes I definitely think so too. I was head over heels when I got the role.


2009-06-09 00:30:37

awesome series cnat wait to see the other abridged episodes

Mutteo responds:

We're working on episode 2 right now. I'm getting my lines done now as we speak.


2009-06-09 03:26:37

You're a star now!


Also, woah. That anime is hot. I'm subscribe to it.


2009-06-09 05:15:08


I forgot to add that your voice makes me jizz in my pants.

Mutteo responds:

^_^;; uh thanks, I never got told that before.


2009-06-09 10:47:50

I'll pass. Unfortunately, it wasn't funny.


2009-06-09 11:32:43

ive read and see the anime so this dub is great also when is he gonna get bicth slapped.


2009-06-09 15:20:50

huh this is pretty funny i stumbled across this anime like a year or somthin ago and this just made my day

Mutteo responds:

Ironically I recently finished this anime about a few months ago and one day I found his forums that he was looking for a Tsukune, so I auditioned and here is the series.

I hope you tune in for future episodes. Master 10k's scripts are more entertaining this time around! =]


2009-06-25 08:29:46

Hilarious, I watched all of Rosario + Vampire because of this :P I must say the editing is amazing(like with the kuribo with wings) The series was okay but it's not finished so I'm hoping that this makes me crack up until the end. Another great one Mutteo...

Mutteo responds:

Oh thanks, you can see the next episode of it in a couple weeks, I'm always working on my lines for episode 3 as well, so you should see more updates of this than my series.