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Holy Crap! I have work to do!

2009-07-06 19:41:28 by Mutteo

I know it's been a while and some of you are wondering what I've been doing. I am still working of my projects, it's just going to take a while. I've been a little distracted and I just came back from a convention. I need to realize my obligations at Newgrounds and the Voice Acting Alliance, so I've created a list for things for me to do.

1)Custom sprite work needs to be finished
2)42 Boxes needs a trailer made and also work on pt1 and then pt2
3)Plan Mutteo in NES Land ep4 soon after.
4)Practice my art style and make new concept art.
5)Start working on drawing animations
6) Work on my fanime idea.
7)Continue to voice for Rosario+Vampire Abridged

I have more to do too, but this should be a good start.


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2009-07-08 22:51:38

So that's what you've been doing all this time :p

I was about to ask you if you would be willing to work with your rosario+vampire team that you are a part of to possibly make an unofficial Dubbed version, but since you have so much on your plate, I would understand if you don't, but I think it would be a good idea to eventually do

I watched the entire series of rosario+vampire thanks to you :D thanks for introduceing me to this great anime!

Mutteo responds:

You're welcome. When it comes to this project. Master 10K productions runs the whole show, if anything, you can always ask him. I imagine though that he would not want to make a dubbed version of the anime. (I heard that somebody did that already) Of course if there was a dubbed project in the works, they can always ask me to help take part in it. I'd be willing to reprise the role of Tsukune or anybody else they had in mind.

Anyway, work has been slow, I'm going to try and work on my next project, and of course, continue the abridged series with Master 10K. Thanks for your comment! =]


2009-08-11 20:29:02

How far are you right now? Are you working on the next episode of Mutteo in NES Land? I can't wait to see it when it comes out.

Mutteo responds:

Mutteo in NES Land is on the back burner right now, though I might end up working on that sooner, because I'm trying to shell out a flash special, and I'm bound up with sprite work. Hmmm, I might need a couple months for the work to get off the ground. My work is never done. XO

Thanks for the comment, I'll try to finish my work when I can.


2009-09-30 21:02:52

Just curious If you have any updates, Its been too long D:

Mutteo responds:

Yes it has, it's been a rather short summer with nothing much to show for it, it was like this last year when I started working, I believe the winter months will be much more productive, sorry about the long delay, I'm still alive, XD. Just have my usual problems with voice actors and getting work done with drama, and such. I'm going to try to keep at it, hopefully have something to show soon, things have just been off for me. =/


2009-10-02 23:27:33

Glad to hear it! No rush though, Quality over quantity!

Oh by the way, I am a fan of your work (if you didn't notice) and am really looking forward to the next episode of whatever you happen to be working on.

Mutteo responds:

Oh thanks, it's good to have some fans of my work, even just a few of them. I'll be sure to keep it in mind while I'm working, ^_^


2012-09-08 16:32:53

There will be Mutteo in nes land ep. 4?