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What's going on with Cleafurry Productions?

2011-04-12 23:07:40 by Mutteo

For any of you that have been wondering, Cleafurry Productions has been dusting the cobwebs that accumulated over the past 2 years. I just want to say that I never expected that I would disappear for so long and I did not intend to be the various animators who gone away in the midst of their prime.

Things went downhill since the 42 Boxes Project started and that was mostly due to the lack of participation in voice actors. To those who have been loyal to me, I thank you from the bottom of my heart and your labors will be rewarded.

As for the other VAs who promised me work and did not commit, I somewhat blame the downfall of the project do to depression and angst. It's not so much that they did not give me the work they promised, but the countless emails and getting no returns, left me bitter.

In these two yrs, I have let go of about 6 voice actors, 3 of them were as the role of Liz. I also joined about 4 dead projects, so as you can see I have been very troubled and annoyed at the lack of progress. It is only recently that I finally got the missing lines problem solved and I am working on building up my confidence again.

I somewhat blame myself, as I was unable to fix the problems I encountered with certain inattentive partners. Still I annoyed a bit at the voice actors who did not commit. While I realize they are very busy people and I know how much work they do, at the same time, if you aren't going to act professional and at least try to contact your producers at all, then I say you aren't taking your work very seriously are you?

Maybe I'm a bit of a workaholic and take things way too seriously. I am at least working to clean up the mess. During that time I escaped to my artwork, and so I haven;t been giving my flashes any attention. Still it's time to get back to business and work on some new flashes.

42 Boxes is half done, and I need to work on the other half before that project is finished.

Mutteo in NES Land I miss very much, but I'm not sure when I will get back to that. Sorry to leave you ona cliffhanger guys.

No I REALLY want to work on other ideas too, because I'm constantly thinking. I'll try to work on my flashes more.

If any of my old fans are still fans, thank you very much for your patience. I also hope that some more people find my work charming enough to want to see more, even if it is sprites....

Thanks for listening.

What's going on with Cleafurry Productions?


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2011-04-14 17:42:01

Well i'm still a fan, and usually come around every once in a while to see what's what.
And you really shouldn't worry too much about voice actors, i'm pretty sure every animator has issues of their own with these chaps. Once you get famous enough, and you will, people will ask YOU to voice-act, so, meh, just a question of time really.
Anyway, keep up the work, and don't let the hardships get you down!

Mutteo responds:

I'm trying to anyway. Just a lot of rough edges, but I just want to see my creations get realized, you see. Anyway thanks for your support :3


2011-04-25 20:00:22

I am always a devout fan and voice actor for your production any day of the week just give me a call on face book and i will audition for any role you want me for

Mutteo responds:

Glad to hear :3 When i get some new projects out I'll know who to call.


2011-06-01 14:30:05

MAN your series are INGENIOUS! I can`t get over watching them. So like i have 3 questions.
1. Which game will you include in the next episode (respond via PMing, we don`t want fans to spoil themselves now do we?).
2. Are you really into videogames like all the time just as you show yourself in the series or you just add some more comical content in the plot?
3. Why aren`t you logging on Messenger?
I would be thankful if i get the answers.
Over and out.

Mutteo responds:

Hello, I thank you for your inquiry on the series. At the moment I am trying to shell out new flashes, though it's a pretty slow process.

For the next MINL episode, it is unsure at the moment, Zelda is one of the upcoming projects, but that probably wont be in progress until the fall.

I am a retro gamer. Back in the day I was pretty over obsessed with them that I would spend the entire day play them. Now I am a workaholic, so I only play video games once in a while, and usually only the old games, at least 10 yrs old. I like the classics.

I don't usually use gmail messenger, i just use it as a mailbox. I get pretty busy with my work so I don't usually get a chance to answer all the time.


2011-06-18 12:16:34

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2011-06-24 01:28:57

I'm still a dedicated fan, And when i show people newgrounds you are the first animator i show them, and they always LOVE you.
it's been a while since i checked you page, but I had been searching for a VA that would do it ever since you were started looking for VAs, but of course every single one that I found, rejected the minute I would said "COMMITMENT" _(_ _)_
Anyway, I send my continued support :3 and I'd like to try and help however I can ^^

Mutteo responds:

I do thank you for your dedication and also your assistantance. Currently I do have the problem solved, and the missing lines are being filled. I only need to find the time to work on it, as I tend to be busy with art sales and such, but it will be finished this year.

But yes most voice actors lack any sort of commitment or communication for that matter and I get annoyed when they sign up to do it but then don't talk to me for months and it gets on my nerves that people don't act professionally since this is what they are trying to do for a career.

But thank you for your continued support. Hopefully after this flash, the big problem will be resolved.


2011-06-25 19:30:27

I am still one of your fans (473Aldermar, if you remember, but I moved to a new account) and I enjoyed your flashes. They still crack me up whenever I want to watch them. xD

And I hope you can get some problem solved.


2012-04-01 13:51:15

glad too see your back, i love your work (hell i enjoy sprites more then hand drawn, why? cause i'm a retro gamer) i remember watched erica is better then matt over, and over, and... you get the idea, it's hilarious, i'm glad your beginning to get things solved, and if you need an extra VA maybe i could help? altho i got no experience, it be nice, other then videos on youtube i'm not doing a whole lot at home, heh, if you ever have the need just send me a pm