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Wow...just wow

2012-04-02 18:36:02 by Mutteo

I didn't think it'd ever see my work on the front page, particularly since I thought people didn't like sprite movies anymore, but I am very grateful for those who gave me the support to bring me to this point. Thank you.

As for everyone else who didn't think it was good because it's "just sprites" TAKE THAT! XD

A shame it only lasted one day, sigh...well better than nothing. Maybe next time I'll get TWO DAYS!

Wow...just wow


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2012-04-03 01:53:40

I put ya in teh #1 slot. The best comedy writing and voice acting I've seen probably all year here.
Ahh, but they were well rendered sprites :3

Mutteo responds:

Thank you. It does give me a bit more confidence considering some of the bad reviews I got. It's good to know I have some sort of talent X3


2012-04-03 09:13:37

"I thought people didn't like sprite movies anymore"
My god this is one of the best sprite movies i have seen in 4 years!
besides if done great (like you did) sprite movies can be as good as a regular flash movie
i REALLY hope you continue this funny series :D

Mutteo responds:

Well I wasn't planning to, though a lot of people told me I should. If anything, I'll still work on sprite movies, I'm just not sure where I'll go from here. Thank you for the kind words :3


2012-04-03 19:45:44

Sure it was fun as heck.

People still have a spot for sprite animations in their hearts. It's just after a buttload of animations featuring cliché sprite Dragon Ball, Sonic, Mario, etc. plots, usually fights... It's far worse that many reuse the same sound effects packs, like xiao xiao ones, for everything IMO.


2012-04-16 22:51:42

who know`s.