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Auditions for my new Flash 42 Boxes!

2009-04-12 10:16:17 by Mutteo


EDIT: Since I've gotten such talented male voice auditions, I've decided to change the gender of Maryellen to Ron, as well as opened another female strict role available to men. I just wish I gave men characters more screentime. I could always give away my part, but then I thought, hell no! XD

I've been wanting to do this script since I came out of college. I said that if I learned flash, this was the next project I was going to do. Now this was before Mutteo in NES Land, so the flash didn't come to pass until now.

ATTENTION EVERYONE! If you want to audition here's the scoop! Follow one of these two links and send me an audition! I'll be happy to hear from you. April 26th is the deadline, so chop chop!

Voice Acting Aliiance

Voice Acting Club

Follow the guidelines plz.

I'm taking a break from NES Land for now, but don't worry! I will get back to the series very soon! I love all my ideas like children, even the adopted ones. Oh Mei-ling! You mean the stars to me! (No I don't have children, lol)

And one MOOOOOOORE thing, HAPPY EASTER! I have $20 of candy all to myself! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAuhhhhuhuuuuuuh.
... my tummyyyyyyyy....

Auditions for my new Flash 42 Boxes!

I will remember this day forever

2009-04-06 08:30:05 by Mutteo

I'm starting to get noticed on the site, but I must try harder if I'm going to make it to #1! Thanks guys!

I will remember this day forever

Episode 3 is almost there! Expected early this month hopefully...

2008-11-09 14:02:47 by Mutteo

I realize it's been a long 6 grueling months of this cartoon, so you're probably wondering when it's going to happen. Well Episode three is expected to premiere April, give or take a week or so, look out for it! I'm never any good at deadlines, but I just know that it will appear this month for sure!

Erica Benton will be played by Mippa-chan. My auditions are closed for understudies, so just ignore the rest, I'm only keeping it up for reference.

I think the best audition I will give them a very special part, so everyone who auditioned will not have done it in vain, because I do have parts to fill, I'm just not sure yet. Here are the auditions, I have a post for auditions on the voice actors alliance, and I also have auditions here as well, so send me your lines and we'll make magic. I am working hard at my cartoon and I want my viewers (i.e three people XD) to enjoy the very best.

Damn, Dracula is huge....

Episode 3 is almost there!  Expected early this month hopefully...

Mutteo In NES Land Series has premiered

2008-05-15 18:38:48 by Mutteo

I just premiered my brand new Series "Mutteo in NES Land" It's about a guy who gets a NES console that can warp him and his friends into old school games. It's a VG parody composed of 80% custom sprites! I try to make sure to add as much extra things to the animation that I can to help make an ordinary sprite movie shine and look new and fresh. I do most of the voice acting myself and I guarantee that this sprite movie ranks up with the best sprite pieces on Newgrounds, and it will only get better each episode! Be sure to watch the first couple of episodes and look for episode 3 to be coming soon.

Mutteo In NES Land Series has premiered