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Shutting Down Cleafurry Productions

2013-05-24 17:34:51 by Mutteo

I wont be making any more animations, I'm sorry to say. I've lost interest in making sprite movies. While I did enjoy making the movies and I miss them, it's not worth my time anymore. Newgrounds is not what it used to be 10 years ago and I'd rather not spend 3 months or more at a time making them just to have a few people comment (some of them nasty) and become forgotten. It's just too much labor to deal with and a waste of time.

I shall leave my current work here to be enjoyed by others. Let them be a sort of buried gems for someone to find someday and maybe enjoy them once more. Goodbye everyone. It was a fun couple years, but it's time for me to move on.

For those who wish to follow me. I have a deviantart account for those who are into furry toons/anime:

Wow...just wow

2012-04-02 18:36:02 by Mutteo

I didn't think it'd ever see my work on the front page, particularly since I thought people didn't like sprite movies anymore, but I am very grateful for those who gave me the support to bring me to this point. Thank you.

As for everyone else who didn't think it was good because it's "just sprites" TAKE THAT! XD

A shame it only lasted one day, sigh...well better than nothing. Maybe next time I'll get TWO DAYS!

Wow...just wow

What's going on with Cleafurry Productions?

2011-04-12 23:07:40 by Mutteo

For any of you that have been wondering, Cleafurry Productions has been dusting the cobwebs that accumulated over the past 2 years. I just want to say that I never expected that I would disappear for so long and I did not intend to be the various animators who gone away in the midst of their prime.

Things went downhill since the 42 Boxes Project started and that was mostly due to the lack of participation in voice actors. To those who have been loyal to me, I thank you from the bottom of my heart and your labors will be rewarded.

As for the other VAs who promised me work and did not commit, I somewhat blame the downfall of the project do to depression and angst. It's not so much that they did not give me the work they promised, but the countless emails and getting no returns, left me bitter.

In these two yrs, I have let go of about 6 voice actors, 3 of them were as the role of Liz. I also joined about 4 dead projects, so as you can see I have been very troubled and annoyed at the lack of progress. It is only recently that I finally got the missing lines problem solved and I am working on building up my confidence again.

I somewhat blame myself, as I was unable to fix the problems I encountered with certain inattentive partners. Still I annoyed a bit at the voice actors who did not commit. While I realize they are very busy people and I know how much work they do, at the same time, if you aren't going to act professional and at least try to contact your producers at all, then I say you aren't taking your work very seriously are you?

Maybe I'm a bit of a workaholic and take things way too seriously. I am at least working to clean up the mess. During that time I escaped to my artwork, and so I haven;t been giving my flashes any attention. Still it's time to get back to business and work on some new flashes.

42 Boxes is half done, and I need to work on the other half before that project is finished.

Mutteo in NES Land I miss very much, but I'm not sure when I will get back to that. Sorry to leave you ona cliffhanger guys.

No I REALLY want to work on other ideas too, because I'm constantly thinking. I'll try to work on my flashes more.

If any of my old fans are still fans, thank you very much for your patience. I also hope that some more people find my work charming enough to want to see more, even if it is sprites....

Thanks for listening.

What's going on with Cleafurry Productions?

42 Boxes is getting made...finally

2010-08-16 19:36:08 by Mutteo

I do have the voice actors I need to work on this project, finally. It's been 2 long yrs but things are getting fixed up now.

I do thank the help and support of the voice actors who at least took this SERIOUSLY.

Anyway part 1 will be arriving this April! Whoo! Oh yeh!

42 Boxes is getting made...finally

My friend has an EBAY store that has some nice glass jewelry and a couple other things on here. If you're interested, here's the link: ml?_nkw=&_armrs=1&_from=&_ipg=25

As for my projects, I'm working on some stuff this week, hopefully I'll make some progress, <3

EBAY: Glass Jewelry and some misc to buy

Yadda yadda...

2010-01-01 03:21:03 by Mutteo

Oye, what a fast year 2009 was, and I didn't care for it one bit.

Okay....well, I have no excuses for my flashes not getting done. Sure, I couldn't get lines from some VAs, but I should have been more forceful, and planned things better.

Sigh, so, what is going to happen now. Well I have to work on 42 Boxes still, and Mutteo in NES Land needs to come back. Also, I want to plan a Christmas Special ahead of time. I want to spend a whole year on this. This year I WILL have a Christmas special if it kills me!

Anyways, it's time to get back to work.

Holy Crap! I have work to do!

2009-07-06 19:41:28 by Mutteo

I know it's been a while and some of you are wondering what I've been doing. I am still working of my projects, it's just going to take a while. I've been a little distracted and I just came back from a convention. I need to realize my obligations at Newgrounds and the Voice Acting Alliance, so I've created a list for things for me to do.

1)Custom sprite work needs to be finished
2)42 Boxes needs a trailer made and also work on pt1 and then pt2
3)Plan Mutteo in NES Land ep4 soon after.
4)Practice my art style and make new concept art.
5)Start working on drawing animations
6) Work on my fanime idea.
7)Continue to voice for Rosario+Vampire Abridged

I have more to do too, but this should be a good start.

Rosario+Vampire TAS on youtube!

2009-06-08 22:37:10 by Mutteo

Hello everyone. Even though not many people are familiar with my work, I wanted to tell everyone of a recent dub I am participating in on YouTube, called Rosario+Vampire. It's a harem anime with a bunch of girls after one guy. I play as that very guy, Tsukune Aono. It's very exciting to play a main role in something besides my cartoon series.

Master 10K it's the main creator and editor of the series, and it is very impressive work. If you don't believe me, then just check out the enclosed video and then check out his channel

/* */
Now as for my projects. I'm still working on 42 Boxes and Future episodes of Mutteo in NES Land, which should be done by the fall....I hope. Anyway keep watching and stay patient.

Rosario+Vampire TAS on youtube!

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The rejections that I live for!

2009-04-27 23:55:22 by Mutteo

I got another rejection letter for an audition I did for somebody else's project. By now, I am so used to getting these letters. It doesn't matter if I'm Voice acting, or going to a musical, or submitting artwork or a story, 9/10 I will be rejected. I suppose I always seem be second rate when it comes to my work.

Let's face it, I'm not super fabulous, I'm just your average Joe trying to make a difference. But I don't usually get a chance too. While I'm not a great VA, I still try to make it to flashes in hopes I'll be "Toad #2" or "Guy who cleans toilets" Part of the reason I do my own cartoons is that I can cast myself and get major screentime (HAHA! You have to watch me whether you like it or not!)

Let me get a word out to all of you VAs out there that didn't make the audition, whether if it was one of mine or somebody elses. You are special, and you have great talent. Just keep working hard and never give up your dreams. Someday you will be noticed for the great person that you are.

Now anyway, I finished casting roles for my characters, I've got some great talent this time around, so I hope for some magic this time for sure! =]

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Voice Acting Club

The rejections that I live for!